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Family lawyer – it's more than a lawyer, an expert with extensive knowledge in the field of family psychology, who must understand each and efficiently represent the interests in court and pre-trial proceedings. Sometimes during the consultations I do not know as who I am acting more: a lawyer or a psychologist.

Presenting your interests, I'm saving you time and nerves.

The accumulated extensive experience in the legal settlement of family disputes (pre-trial and judicial means) will allow me to represent you in all cases.

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Participation in the courts for more than 10 years


More than 90% of cases won


Our prices will pleasantly surprise you


The customer's interests above all


Working with the cases of any complexity


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We provide services for a marriage (marital, family) relations:

  • Termination of Marriage (Divorce in court and pre-trial).

  • Property rights and duties of the spouses:

  • - Recognition the assets each of the spouses in their joint property;
    - Division of common property of spouses;
    - Determination of shares in the division of common property of spouses.
  • The conclusion of the marriage contract;

  • The recognition of a marriage contract as completely or partially invalid;

  • Annulment of marriage;

  • Preparation of the draft settlement agreement and approval it in court;

  • Collection of information on sources of income and property of the spouses (former spouses);

  • Determination with which parent will live minor children after divorce;

  • Deprivation and restriction of parental rights;

  • Adoption of a child;

  • Maintenance obligations of parents and children;

  • Maintenance obligations of spouses and former spouses;

  • Recovery of maintenance for minor children;

  • Recovery of maintenance for the disabled parents;

  • The procedure for collection and payment of alimony in court;

  • Reducing the amount of alimony;

  • Representing the interests of minors in the commission of property transactions;

  • Registration of adoption / adoption, guardianship, representation in the departments of custody and guardianship;

  • Establishing the origin of the child, the establishment or contestation of paternity;

  • Change the name, surname;

  • Determination of the living place for children with one of the parents;

  • Determining the order of communication between children with one of the parents and relatives;

  • Representation of your interests in court and the judiciary;

  • Carrying out a divorce case without your presence in court;

  • Drafting and filing a statement of claim at a personal reception with a judge;

  • The sharing of jointly acquired property on a voluntary basis:

  • - Development and drawing up of an agreement on the sharing of jointly acquired property;
    - Presence at signing an agreement with a notary.
  • Sharing of jointly acquired property in court:

  • - Drafting and filing a statement of claim on the sharing of jointly acquired property with the courts;
    - Collection of information on all types of property which is subject to division in court;
    - Participation in pre-trial proceedings and court hearings;
    - If necessary, participation in the appeal process of a court decision;
    - Receipt of a court decision.
  • Participation in the resolution of disputes related to the upbringing and maintenance of children;

  • Adoption;

  • Establishing the fact of paternity;

  • Challenging the fact of paternity;

  • Recovery of alimony for minor children;

  • and etc.

Registration and protection of intellectual property in the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Deposit and registration of copyright in the authorised body;

  • Conducting of preliminary trademark search in national and international trademark databases;

  • Drafting and filing applications for trademark registration in national patent office, as well as the submission and maintenance of international registration under the Madrid Agreement (the Protocol);

  • Commercialisation of Intellectual Property;

  • Drafting, filing and maintenance of applications for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, selection inventions;

  • Registration of intellectual property in the Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects;

  • Pre-trial and court protection of Intellectual Property rights;

  • Representation in courts for the protection of Intellectual Property rights.

Conducting civil cases

  • Disputes on issues arising from marriage and family relations

  • Case management on compensation of material damage caused by the vehicle accident

  • Housing disputes

  • Cases of property inheritance

  • Labor disputes

  • Cases on recovery of sums received under a loan agreement, receipt paper

  • Cases to protect honor, dignity and business reputation

  • Consumer rights Protection

  • Protecting medical patients' rights

  • Settlement of land disputes

Conducting cases on compensation of material damage caused by an accident

  • conducting a case without your presence in court

  • drafting and filing a statement of claim

  • collection of information about the property of the culprit of the accident

  • drafting a settlement agreement and approving it at the trial

  • Appeal in the cassation and supervisory procedure for civil cases of court decisions in cases of compensation for damage from an accident

Housing disputes

  • cases on the section of the personal account

  • cases of eviction and moving in

  • cases on recognition of citizens who have lost the right to use living quarters

  • cases on allocation of a share in a dwelling

  • and etc.


Representative costs:

  • Divorce in Almaty / Almaty region starts from 30 000 KZT

  • Divorce in Almaty (court decision) + certificate of dissolution of marriage starts from 50 000 KZT

  • Divorce in Almaty + alimony starts from 60 000 KZT

  • Divorce in the absence of children starts from 30 000 KZT

  • Recovery of maintenance in the courts starts from 50 000 KZT

  • Division of common property starts from 150 000 KZT + 10% of the property declared value

  • Drawing up of claims starts from 10 000 KZT

  • Deprivation (restriction) of parental rights starts from 170 000 KZT

  • Determining the order of communication between children and one of the parents or relatives starts from 100 000 KZT

  • Drawing up of marriage contract starts from 50 000 KZT

  • And other services at affordable prices

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